Applicant FAQs

Is there a fee to apply?

A $200 fee will be requested when we are ready to process your application.  This fee will be used as part of your security deposit when your application is approved. The $200 application fee will be refunded if you are declined.

What is included in my rent?
  • Heat & water is included; power will be your responsibility.
  • Access to the spacious resident lounge.
  • Parking is available at an additional cost.
What lease terms do you offer?
  • We offer one year leases, however if you require a shorter term, we can accommodate on a case-by-case basis.
How do I apply?

Check our website for availability and fill in the application or waitlist form.

  • For an application, you will require photo ID and payment of the $200 application fee. We will run a credit check and income verification is required (2 most recent paystubs or letter of employment).  We will also check with your previous landlords.
    • NOTE: Everyone that will be living in the suite must be listed on the application form and everyone over 18 must sign the lease document unless they are legally unable to do so.
  • For waitlists, we will contact you when a suite becomes available that fits your needs. You will then fill out the application and send in the $200 application fee.
Are you pet friendly?

We are cat & dog friendly (max 2 pets per unit) and do not have a size limit on dogs. No aquariums or caged pets allowed.  A Pet Deposit and/or Monthly Fees will apply.

Do you have heated underground parking?
  • Yes! We have heated underground parking; 1 stall maximum per unit based on availability. 
  • We also have surface parking available for residents and visitors through Indigo Parking.

Future Resident FAQs

What do I need to do before I move in?

Sign your lease documents within 48 hours of receipt; a void cheque or direct deposit slip is required.

At least 48 hours before move-in:

  • Pay your full first months lease charges plus pro-rated charges (if applicable) as well as one-time pet fee (if applicable).
  • Provide insurance and power confirmation prior to move-in. Start date for both services must match date of move-in.
The Insurance Company is asking me questions about the building…
  • Liability amount: $2,000,000 starting date of Move In
  • Full Address & Units per Building:
    • 60 Sage Hill Road NW, Calgary, AB T3R 1Y4 – 87; opened Jun 2022
    • 80 Sage Hill Road NW, Calgary, AB T3R 1W8 – 106; opened July 2020
    • Total: 195 Units
  • Siding Materials: Hardy Plank
  • Roofing Materials:
    • 60 Sage Hill Road NW – EPDM
    • 80 Sage Hill Road NW – Asphalt Shingle
  • Heating: Hot Water Boiler
  • Fire Hydrants on Site
  • Sprinkler System throughout Building
  • Fire Station In Community (1.7 km)
How do I book an elevator for move-in?
  • NOTE: holding the door open to the elevator without having it locked out may result in damage to the elevator that will be charged back to you.
  • Bookings are for 90 minutes and can be scheduled online by clicking here; 48 hours notice is required.
Who should I get internet through?

We have programs with both Shaw and Telus for you to get discounted internet. The contact information for them is:

  • Telus: 310-3343
  • Shaw: 587-436-0677

Current Resident FAQs

What do I do in an emergency?
  • For all medical emergencies or fires, please call 911.
  • If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 403-920-4444. Our site team or after hours dispatch team will alert maintenance to your situation. We deem an emergency as no heat, no water, water leakage that will result in damage to your suite or another suite or in the common areas, flooding and fires. If a tradesperson attends after hours and discovers it is not an emergency, you will be billed a fee.
  • For general maintenance requests, please submit the online form here.
  • For non-maintenance issues (noise or smoking complaints and suspicious activity), please submit the information online here.
I have a balance on my account; how do I pay?

Please e-transfer and include your building and suite number for faster processing.

How do I register myself or a visitor for Surface Parking?
  • Surface parking at Sage Hill Views is monitored by Indigo Parking. Please note that the Sage Hill Views office can not help with parking ticket disputes. Please call the phone number on the ticket.
  • To register a vehicle for parking in the surface lots, click here.
I need something fixed; what do I do?

Please visit the Resident Care webpage and submit a maintenance work request. Click here,

Please note this is not monitored on weekends and holidays; if you have an emergency (fire, flood, no heat or no water) please contact 403-244-1670.

Is smoking allowed on the property?
  • All buildings, including balconies, are non-smoking. Designated smoking areas are located outside and away from entrances.
  • No smoking includes no vaping, cigarettes and marijuana.
  • This is STRICTLY enforced and smoking outside designated areas may result in your eviction.
I have a new pet! What do I do?

Please email our office to fill out an information form about your new furry friend at Fees do apply.

  • We are cat & dog friendly (max 2 pets per unit) and do not have a size limit on dogs. No aquariums or caged pets allowed.
I'd like to book the Community Kitchen. What do I do?

Please email our office at with the date and time you’d like to book the Community Kitchen in your building. Fees will apply if you do not leave the space clean after your event.

Where are the garbage and recycling bins located?
  • Please flatten all cardboard boxes to ensure there is room for everyone’s cardboard.
  • Garbage, Recycling and Compost containers are located:
    • 60 Sage Hill Views – in the surface parking lot north of the building
    • 80 Sage Hill Views – in the underground parking garage
  • For Large Items, please use the large green bin located in the visitor parking lot.
  • Please place all items inside the bins so they can be picked up. Items left outside the bins anywhere on the property will result in a minimum $200 fine.
I have a large item to dispose of; what do I do?

A large green bin is located in the visitor parking lot between the two buildings; please place your items inside. Items left outside the bins anywhere on the property will result in a minimum $200 fine.

What is permitted on my balcony?
  • A propane or electric BBQ and seasonal decorative items are permitted on your balcony.
  • Garbage and bottles are not allowed to be stored on your balcony.
  • All balconies must be in a presentable state
  • There is no smoking on your balcony or anywhere in your suite. Please use designated smoking areas.
I'm not planning to renew; what do I do?
  • Complete the Notice to Vacate form and return to the office or email to
  • A move out package will be delivered to your suite after we’ve received your notice to vacate.
I need to move out before the end of my lease; what do I do?
  • Review your lease for the obligations associated with leaving your unit before the end of your lease term.
  • Complete the Notice to Vacate form and return to the office or email to
  • An email will be sent with your lease break options and a move out package will be delivered to your suite after we’ve received your notice to vacate.